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Month: September 2018

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Join the Co-VAL team

Join the Co-VAL team!

Two 50% positions on digital transformation and innovation labs are now open! The Department of Political and Administrative Science at the University of Konstanz will offer two half-day positions as academic employee (salary group 13 TV-L) for a period of 2 years. Applicants are required to own an academic degree with an excellent master’s degree […]

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Services in innovation networks and innovation networks in services

RESER is an interdisciplinary European network of social scientists linked by a common interest in service industries and their territorial expression. The annual RESER research conference provides a unique opportunity for the exchange of ideas concerning the cutting edge of service research and is open to all researchers interested in these topics.  The in Gothenburg […]

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3rd Co-VAL Plenary Meeting In Konstanz

3rd Co-VAL Plenary Meeting in Konstanz

The 3rd Co-VAL Plenary Meeting will take place in Konstanz (Germany) from the 26th to the 28th of September 2018. The main objectives of the Meeting are the following: Ensure partner responsibilities, activities and tasks outputs are aligned; Clarify open questions to be answered; Review of the time plan and delivery in due time of the […]

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A review of how to encourage employee engagement

During last August, the 13th biennial Norddesign Conference was held in Linköping, Sweden. Norddesign is a biennial Nordic conference, covering design, design engineering and design education in its full width. Topics include engineering, manufacturing, aesthetics, emotions, ergonomics, sustainability, and business.  The main theme of the 2018 conference was ‘design in the era of digitalization’, which […]

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