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Read our Policy Brief on how local Government Reform is Key to Europe’s Digital Success

Co-VAL > Blog > News > Read our Policy Brief on how local Government Reform is Key to Europe’s Digital Success
Policy Brief

Next Steps for Digital Government: A Six-Point Programme. On March 14th 2018, the Lisbon Council launched “How Local Government Reform is Key to Europe’s Digital Success: A Six-Point Programme for eGovernment Renewal”, an incisive policy brief that proposes a six-step programme for improving public-service delivery throughout Europe. It calls for more direct and systematic collaboration between national and local levels of public administration and for more ambitious reform of digital government at the municipal level.

Building on the success of the recent Tallinn Declaration – signed by 32 European Union and European Free Trade Association member states – Director of Research David Osimo takes a fresh look at the key challenge of digital government in an age of proliferating action plans and heightened political commitment. Why is Europe – with no less than three flagship programmes for improving the quality of online public services and strengthening citizen-state relations – still a place of uneven progress? What have previous programmes missed that could help make future programmes a success?

The policy brief was launched in the presence of Roberta Cocco, the councilor for digital transformation and citizens services of the City of Milan, and Diego Piacentini, government commissioner for the digital agenda, at Milano Digital Week, Italy’s flagship festival for “innovation, design, and transformation through digital,” which took place in Milan from 15-18 March 2018.

You may download the policy brief here.