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A review of how to encourage employee engagement

Co-VAL > Blog > News > A review of how to encourage employee engagement

During last August, the 13th biennial Norddesign Conference was held in Linköping, Sweden. Norddesign is a biennial Nordic conference, covering design, design engineering and design education in its full width. Topics include engineering, manufacturing, aesthetics, emotions, ergonomics, sustainability, and business.  The main theme of the 2018 conference was ‘design in the era of digitalization’, which covered a wide range of potential topics, ranging from the use of big data in the early phases of the design process.

Within this framework, a very interesting paper on “Co-creation and co-design in Public Service Innovation: A review of how to encourage employee engagement” was published, regarding the public service sector in Norway and the need to meet challenges and structural changes such as globalization, automation of work tasks, demographic change, the sharing economy and pressure to deliver more for less.

In their article, A. Mogstad, M. Høiseth, and I.N. Pettersen, investigated the relationship between co-creation and co-design, employee-driven innovation, collaboration, and motivation to try to find out how co-creation project in service design can be made more engaging and successful.

In fact, authors tried to identify what motivates and engages employees of public services to participate in co-creation, in order to finally stimulate participants to reach their full potential as co-creators and


Download the article here.