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Services in innovation networks and innovation networks in services

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RESER is an interdisciplinary European network of social scientists linked by a common interest in service industries and their territorial expression. The annual RESER research conference provides a unique opportunity for the exchange of ideas concerning the cutting edge of service research and is open to all researchers interested in these topics.  The in Gothenburg constitutes the 28th annual platform and meeting place for European researchers and policy makers working on services.

Within the spectrum of RESER annual conference 2018 , our Co-VAL team members from Université de Lille 1,  Benoît Desmarchelier , Faridah Djellal and Faïz Gallouj responded to a call for papers , submitting their work titled “Services in innovation networks and innovation networks in services: from traditional innovation networks (TINs) to public service innovation networks (PSINs).”

This article is dedicated to a consideration of the tertiarisation of innovation networks. While the concept of traditional innovation network (TIN) has been the object of an extensive literature, new expressions of the innovation network appear in a service and sustainable development economy: in particular Public Private Innovation Networks in Services (PPINSs), Public Service Innovation Networks (PSINs) and Public Service Innovation Networks for Social Innovation (PSINSIs). They reflect the rise to prominence of market and non-market services and of the public-private relationship in collaborative innovation.

This article investigates and compares these different expressions of innovation networks. In particular, it sheds light on the different roles played by public services in each of them.

You may read the full article here.



Photo by Anastasia Dulgier on Unsplash