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A Case Study of Digital Transformation of Danish Public Services

Co-VAL > Blog > News > A Case Study of Digital Transformation of Danish Public Services

The 2018 11th CMI International Conference will focus on the digital economy and the digital single market in the EU as drivers of future innovation, competitiveness and growth. EU countries should exchange ideas on digitization policy development and facilitate joint initiatives.

Participants will have the chance to discuss prospects and challenges towards digitization initiatives within the EU in policy, technology, infrastructure and market contexts. Brainstorming and panel sessions combined with paper presentation sessions will identify and discuss best practices and the sharing of ideas.

As part of the Conference’s preparation, our Co-VAL partner, Ada Scupola, a senior associate professor (Lektor MSK) at the Department of Communication, Business and Information Technologies, Roskilde University, Denmark, had the chance to submit her work on the digital transformation of Danish public services. This paper investigates the policies and actors that have contributed to achieving the digital transformation in Danish public administration as it is reflected by the current 2018 DESI index (European Commission, 2018).

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