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Co-VAL launches its Knowledge Base Repository

Co-VAL > Blog > News > Co-VAL launches its Knowledge Base Repository
knowledge base repository

Co-VAL launches its knowledge base repository, a curated collection of research articles and publication entries related to the topics pertinent to Co-VAL, such as that of public sector co-creation, public service design, public sector innovation, and digital transformation. Co-VAL’s knowledge base contains 700 publication entries from prominent journals and publishers.

Academics from leading universities and institutions across Europe doing research on transforming European public administrations have contributed to the creation of this repository. The entries cover literature around the following main themes: Public Service Value Co-Creation, Public Sector Innovation, Digital Transformation, Living Labs, Service Design, and Social Innovation.

Co-VAL launches its knowledge base repository following the release of Co-VAL’s case studies repository – containing a curated set of initiatives in digital transformation and co-creation at a national, regional and local level. Both repositories support Co-VAL’s effort to ensure information sharing and knowledge flows among the research, practitioners and policy community. Furthermore, Co-VAL’s Dashboard – a live policy tracker of the actions that European Public Administrations perform to achieve citizen-centred collaboration and to deliver digital government that serves the needs of the users – complements this effort. For more details, visit our YouTube channel to watch our webinar on the Dashboard and the opportunities behind sharing best practices in co-creation.


A few tips on how to use the knowledge base repository:

You can navigate through the repository using the filtering options like, Theme, Author, Publications, Year, Abstracts and Keywords.

Furthermore, you can copy, print or export into CSV the entries of the repository.

By clicking on the ‘Columns’ option, you can select the fields (Theme, Author, Title, Publication, etc.) that you want to view, copy, print or export.

Check our Knowledge Base Repository here.