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Join our Virtual Town Hall Meeting ‘Human-Centric Digital Government in Practice’

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human-centric digital government

We would like to invite you to the Virtual Town Hall MeetingHuman-Centric Digital Government in Practice that the Co-VAL project is organizing with the Lisbon Council, on Friday, December 11th 2020 at 12h00-13h00 CET.

This highly interactive virtual event, convened in the immediate aftermath of the signing of the Berlin Declaration on Digital Society, will bring together high-level decision makers and experts to share their experience in applying co-creation techniques to public services and designing policies to support it.

A few words about the Virtual Town Hall Meeting

The COVID-19 pandemic has elevated the importance of effective public services to help citizens in times of need. Now more than ever, digital government is not about innovation and technology, but about providing essential services to people. On 08 December 2020, ministers from European Union member states will recommit to this vision in the upcoming Berlin Declaration on Digital Society. In doing so, they will not only renew the commitment of The 2017 Tallinn Declaration, but also emphasise the urgency of placing citizens’ needs at the centre of public policies and services.

But how can this vision be translated into action at the necessary scale? And how are co-creation practices, involving users in public services, already effectively used today to deliver human centric services? The Virtual Town Hall Meeting ‘Human-Centric Digital Government in Practice’ will address these questions. In specific:

  • Eileen Fuchs, head of division for digital policy, European Union and international affairs at the federal Ministry of the Interior for building and community in Germany, will kick off the discussion illustrating the key messages of the Berlin Declaration on Digital Society.
  • Jonas Slørdahl Skjærpe, chief information officer at the Labour and Welfare Service (Norway) and Maria Taivalsaari Røhnebæk, senior researcher in the Co-VAL project and fellow at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (INN), will discuss how co-creation has helped build more effective welfare services for Norwegian citizens.
  • Francesco Paolo Schiavo, director of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Italy, will present how an experience lab for human-resource services set up in his ministry is improving services to two million Italian civil servants. The results will feed into the upcoming European digital government action plan.

Participation in the virtual meeting is by registration only. Only registered participants will have access to the meeting. Please register by sending a request to with ‘Human-Centric Government’ in the subject heading.