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living labs, public sector innovation

How living lab approaches are used for co-creation and co-innovation of public services

How do living labs evolve as organizational and institutional structures for innovation in real-life settings based on co-creation and co-innovation of public services? What are the future potentials of this specific approach to public sector innovation? These are the questions, which Prof. Lars Fuglsang and Dr. Anne Vorre Hansen from Roskilde University are looking to […]

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knowledge base repository

Co-VAL launches its Knowledge Base Repository

Co-VAL launches its knowledge base repository, a curated collection of research articles and publication entries related to the topics pertinent to Co-VAL, such as that of public sector co-creation, public service design, public sector innovation, and digital transformation. Co-VAL’s knowledge base contains 700 publication entries from prominent journals and publishers. Academics from leading universities and institutions across […]

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New Co-VAL Policy Brief: The State of ‘Co-Creation:’ How Countries, Cities and Regions are Using New Thinking to Deliver Better Services

In ‘The State of ‘Co-Creation:’ How Countries, Cities and Regions are Using New Thinking to Deliver Better Services’, Co-VAL’s newest Policy Brief, Anthony Arundel, Professorial Fellow at UNU-MERIT, Francesco Mureddu, Director at the Lisbon Council and David Osimo, Director of Research at the Lisbon Council, propose an eight-point programme for delivering co-creation in public administrations […]

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Understanding innovation through the 3 paradigms of Public Administration

In our latest report “Public Service Innovation Networks (PSINs): Collaborating for Innovation and Value Creation”, included in the Deliverable ‘D6.1: 4th Empirical approach to value co-creation in public services: structural transformations’, Benoît Desmarchelier, Faridah Djellal and Faïz Gallouj from the University of Lille, Center for Sociological and Economic Studies and Research (Clersé), address the issue […]

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digital service teams, government, public sector, digital transformation

New Paper ‘Digital service teams in government’ in GIQ!

In her newest published paper ‘Digital service teams in government’ in Government Information Quarterly (GIQ), Dr. Ines Mergel, Professor of Public Administration at the University of Konstanz, elaborated on how national governments are setting up digital service teams (DST), in order to respond to complex IT governance and societal challenges and to introduce digital transformation […]

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Government Information Quarterly, digital transformation

New Paper ‘Defining digital transformation: Results from expert interviews’ in GIQ!

Nowadays, there is a certain ambiguity – as well as lack of systematic empirical evidence – over how public administrators are defining digital transformation, based on their own daily practices, how they are approaching digital transformation projects, and what their anticipated outcomes are. In their newest published paper ‘Defining digital transformation: Results from expert interviews’ in […]

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co-creation, design thinking, public services, policy brief, Co-VAL

New Co-VAL Policy Brief: Co-Creation of Public Services: Why and How

“Co-creation” and “design thinking” are trendy themes – the topic of innumerable conferences and a growing number of academic papers. But how do we turn co-creation into a reality for Europe’s 508 million citizens? In Co-Creation of Public Services: Why and How, Co-VAL’s new Policy Brief, co-authors Francesco Mureddu and David Osimo propose a ten-step roadmap for delivering genuinely user-centric digital […]

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