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Public Deliverables

Co-VAL > Public Deliverables
  • D1.1 Literature review on public service reform models
  • D1.2 Research report on the case studies
  • D1.3 Research report on the experiments
  • D1.4 Final synoptic WP Research Report integrating the above and drawing out its conclusions
  • D2.1 Mapping and instruments providing data on the co-creation of public services
  • D2.2 Draft questionnaires for cognitive testing
  • D2.3 Report summarizing cognitive testing plus the final questionnaire
  • D2.5 Survey implementation protocol
  • D2.7 Preliminary survey results
  • D2.8 Final report of survey results
  • D4.1 Report on cross country comparison on service design
  • D4.2 Report on in-depth case studies
  • D4.3 Toolbox report on service design approaches to co-creation of public value
  • D5.1 Report on cross country comparison on existing innovation and living labs
  • D5.2 Report on strategic case studies
  • D5.3 Report on participatory stakeholder model
  • D6.1 Fourth empirical approach to value co-creation in public services: structural transformations
  • D6.2 Transversal results and scientific articles produced within WP 6
  • D7.1 Policy briefs
  • D8.1 Co-design of panel report
  • D8.3 Co-Design of the databases
  • D8.4 Publication of the repository
  • D8.5 Report from online engagement
  • D9.1 Methodology for monitoring
  • D9.2 Online prototype tracker
  • D9.3 Guidelines for country experts
  • D9.4 Complete dashboard
  • D9.5 Yearly reports
  • D10.1 Project Website and Social Media
  • D10.3 Report on Dissemination and Communication Activities v1.0
  • D10.4 Report on Dissemination and Communication Activities v2.0