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Here you can access and download open-access scientific publications by Co-VAL project partners around the themes of value co-creation, digital transformation, and innovation in public services, based on the work undertaken in Co-VAL. Scientific publications by Co-VAL partners include research publications like journal articles, book chapters, and conference proceedings, as well as policy oriented publications (policy briefs) that translate the project’s research outputs into actionable policy recommendations.

  • 30th RESER International Congress Proceedings – Luis Rubalcaba (Ed)
  • A Case Study of Digital Transformation of Danish Public Services: Actors and Policies – Ada Scupola
  • Advancing innovation in the public sector: Aligning innovation measurement with policy goals – Anthony Arundel
  • Beyond co-production: Value creation and public services – Stephen P. Osborne, Greta Nasi, Madeline Powell
  • Citizen-oriented digital transformation in the public sector – Ines Mergel, Rainer Kattel, Veiko Lember, Keegan McBride
  • Co-experience, co-production and co-governance: an ecosystem approach to the analysis of value creation – Kirsty Strokosch, Stephen P. Osborne
  • Defining digital transformation: Results from expert interviews – Ines Mergel, Noella Edelmann, Nathalie Haug
  • Developing a strategic orientation for resilient and sustainable public services – Stephen P. Osborne, Kirsty Strokosch, Greta Nasi, Maria Cucciniello
  • Developing a strategic user orientation: a key element for the delivery of effective public services – Stephen P. Osborne, Kirsty Strokosch
  • Digital service teams in government – Ines Mergel
  • Digital Transformation of Public Administration Services in Denmark: A Process Tracing Case Study – Ada Scupola
  • Digitale Transformation als Reformvorhaben der deutschen offentlichen Verwaltung – Ines Mergel
  • Digitale Verwaltung umsetzen – Ines Mergel
  • Estonia’s Digital Transformation – Rainer Kattel, Ines Mergel
  • Kompetenzen für die digitale Transformation der Verwaltung – Ines Mergel
  • La co-création de valeur publique par les directions du numérique: une comparaison internationale – Ines Mergel
  • L’ innovation dans les services publics à la lumière des paradigmes del’ administration publique et des perspectives des Service Innovation Studies – Benoit Desmarchelier, Faridah Djellal, Faïz Gallouj
  • New development: Strategic user orientation in public services delivery—the missing link in the strategic trinity? – Stephen P. Osborne, Maria Cucciniello, Greta Nasi, Kirsty Strokosch
  • Nutzerperspektive in den Vordergrund stellen – Ines Mergel
  • Opinion: rethinking public services in a time of Covid-19 – Edwina Zhu, Stephen P. Osborne, Kirsty Strokosch 
  • Prosocial Motivation of Private Sector IT Professionals Joining Government – Ines Mergel, Nicola Bellé, Greta Nasi
  • Service Economies and Complexity – Benoît Desmarchelier
  • Services in innovation networks and innovation networks in services: from traditional innovation networks (TINs) to public service innovation networks (PSINs) – Benoît Desmarchelier, Faridah Djellal, Faïz Gallouj
  • The Public-Data Opportunity: Why Governments Should Share More – The Lisbon Council
  • The role of soft skills to leverage co-creation in living labs: Insights from Spain – David Gago, Luis Rubalcaba
  • Theoretical and empirical evidence of public service innovation networks for social innovation PSINSIs in Denmark: A Systematic Literature Review – Ada Scupola, Lars Fuglsang
  • Towards a servitization of innovation networks: a mapping – Benoît Desmarchelier, Faridah Djellal, Faïz Gallouj
  • Users’ Involvement in Value Co-Creation: The More the Better? – Benoît Desmarchelier, Faridah Djellal, Faïz Gallouj
  • OP-ED: How Digital Government Has Become an Essential Service – David Osimo
  • Policy Brief VI The Co-Creation Compass: Creating Public Value Together – from Research to Action
  • Policy Brief V The 2021 State of Co-Creation: Delivering Services Together
  • Policy Brief IV Co-Creation at Scale: How Service Design, Living Labs and Innovation Networks Help Public Servants Deliver Better Services
  • Policy Brief IΙI The State of ‘Co-Creation’: How Countries, Cities and Regions are Using New Thinking to Deliver Better Services
  • Policy Brief IΙ Co-Creation of Public Services: Why and How
  • Policy Brief Ι How Local Government Reform is Key to Europe’s Digital Success
  • Press Release: Co-VAL is successfully completed
  • Press Release: Co-VAL’s third Policy Brief “The State of Co-Creation” has been published
  • Press Release: High Level Summit on Co-Creation and Design Thinking
  • Press Release: The Co-VAL Project kicks off in Lillehammer